About Us

A Fun Engaging Web Radio

Rus Radio2 is a fun engaging web radio which is created mainly to support individuality of our members. We are not like other internet radios out there. Our goal is to get our audience to participate and give them the genuine, liberating entertainment they can’t find on other platforms. Engaging topics like online shops voucher codes, real-life stories, passion, radical business ideas, travel smart on bezienswaardigheden Amsterdam en omgeving, and more will be covered by Rus Radio2. If you weren’t able to listen to our live broadcasting, no need to worry, you can still listen to them on our playback feature. There will be songs for every genre for our members to enjoy.

Supporting Self-Starters

The Internet is the perfect place to show the world what you’ve got and what you can offer. Rus Radio2 also supports self-starters, radical entrepreneurs, and trendsetters through our low-cost advertisement programs. Listening creates a whole dynamic advertising experience without the annoying, exaggerated presentation you see from television and other online platforms. Rus Radio2 doesn’t require heavy investment and our programs are very flexible and executable.  They even promote with kortingscode bol.com 10 euro korting so you can save more.

Featuring Songs from Independent Artists

No discrimination is allowed here at Rus Radio2. Rus Radio2 believes that mainstream music is good due to the fact they already made it to top hits but we also give chance to independent artists to share their music. Sad to say that there are so many underrated artists out there who are not really getting the attention they deserve for their music. Here at Rus Radio2, you’ll know about them and can listen to their songs.