What is Rus Radio2 and how it differs from other internet radios?

Rus Radio2 is a web radio created to support the individuality of the listeners. We feature songs from mainstream artists to independent artists. We believe every music has a palette to satisfy.

I would like you to cover a topic, how do I do that?

Audience participation is highly encouraged here at Rus Radio2. If you have a certain topic you want us to cover, kindly send us an email through our contact form. We will prepare resources and gather experts to create a very interesting yet informative broadcast.  We cater everything even finding the best flughafen berlin brandenburg parkhaus for those who need information about it.

How much is your advertising fees?

Our fees are certainly cheaper compared to other platforms out there. We don’t ask for high balling investments from you. The terms are flexible to cater to your advertising needs. Kindly visit our advertise here page for more info.

Is your radio suitable for any age groups?

Our broadcast can cover sensitive topics. We will provide disclosures if there are topics which are not suitable for young audiences. But definitely, there are broadcasts suitable for all age groups.

How can I add my original song to your web radio platform?

All the songs have to be added by our website administrators. If you are an independent artist compelled to share your original, we are cheering for you. Simply contact us through email.

Do you charge fees to your members?

Rus Radio2 is free for everyone. We do charge advertisers in using our platform. But don’t worry, we won’t plague your listening sessions with too much advertising. Rus Radio2 strives to achieve balance so members will keep on enjoying our web radio.